Metroid Zero Mission



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Metroid Zero Mission – Sent to Zebes to investigate rumors of a deadly alien species, Samus meets her match in the form of the mysterious Metroids — energy-sapping creatures that emerge from an oversized cerebrum beneath the planet’s surface. Samus isn’t the only traveler searching for the Metroids. A band of Space Pirates has touched down to extract the curious creatures and use them as weapons. Samus must thwart the pirates, but they are wily and will prove to be more trouble than Samus expects. Explore the roots of the saga behind legendary bounty hunter, Samus Aran, in this retelling of the great NES classic. Completely new graphics, level design, control elements, power-ups, and story twists make this trip back to Zebes a thrilling new experience for fans of the series. Upgrade Samus’s suit with classic power-ups from previous Metroid titles, plus all-new abilities like the Power Grip, Zip Line and more. Beautiful graphics and an eerie soundtrack give each environment a unique, distinctly Metroid feel.


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